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Spring IconNA0101National Evaluation of the Cost-Effectiveness of Home Care
NA0101-1Comparative Cost Analysis of Home Care and Residential Care Services
NA0101-2Care Trajectories of Home Care Clients
NA0101-3Cost Implications of Informal Supports
NA0101-4Pilot Study of the Costs and Outcomes of Home Care and Residential Long Term Care Services
NA0101-5Large-Scale Study of the Costs and Outcomes of Home Care and Residential Long Term Care
NA0101-6Decision Making: Home Care or Long Term Care Facility
NA0101-7An Analysis of Home Care Clients, Service Utilization and Costs
NA0101-8An Exploration of Client Classification for Short-Term Home Care
NA0101-9Costs of Acute Care and Home Care Services
NA0101-10Economic Evaluation of a Geriatric Day Hospital: Cost-Benefit Analysis Based on Functional Autonomy Changes
NA0101-11An Economic Evaluation of Hospital-Based and Home-Based Intravenous Antibiotic Therapy for Individuals with Cellulitis
NA0101-12Cost-Effectiveness of Home Versus Hospital Support of Breast Feeding in Neonates
NA0101-13The Geriatric Outcomes Evaluation Study
NA0101-14Evaluation of the Cost-Effectiveness of the Quick Response Program of Saskatoon District Health
NA0101-15An Analysis of Blockages to the Effective Transfer of Clients from Acute Care to Home Care
NA0108First Nations and Inuit Home Care
NA0122Safety of Patients With Dementia Living at Home
NA0128Evaluation of Information Standards for Home Care
NA0131Rural Palliative Home Care Project
NA0132A Comparison of Hospital and Home Chemotherapy for Children with Cancer
NA0145Development of Screening and Assessment Tools for Family Caregivers
NA0149Home Care and People with Psychiatric Disabilities: Needs and Issues
NA0161Tele-Home Care: Multi-Centre Canadian Modeling Component
NA1007The Effects and Expense of an Early Health Promotion/Rehabilitation Intervention in an Elderly Home Care Population
NA1012Diabetes Community/Home Support Services for First Nations and Inuit
NA1017Neonatal Transitional Care Program Evaluation
NA1022A Culturally-Appropriate Home Care Model for Aboriginal People in Canada
NA404A System of Integrated Services for the Frail Elderly (SIPA) - Capitation Simulation
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Last Modified: 2005-08-29