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Evaluation of the 8th and 8th Health Centre (AB301-3)

Recipient: Calgary Health Region

Contribution: $249,736.00

The operations at Calgary’s 8th and 8th Health Centre, a downtown facility offering 24-hour urgent medical care as well as mental health, public health, continuing care services, and community liaison, were evaluated with the goals of improving the centre and, depending on the results, exploring the possibility of developing other similar centres in the region. The study found that the centre’s services were used by a considerable number of individuals who neither work nor reside in the downtown core. The main reasons for visiting the centre included its location, convenience, clients’ satisfaction with services and staff, short waiting times, and possibly the users’ lack of a family physician. The study also suggested that when urgent care is incorporated into a health centre model, the continuity of care may be compromised.

The full report for this project is available on the Alberta Health and Wellness web site at

Fact Sheet

This project was supported by the Health Transition Fund, which was created in 1997 to provide support for evidence-based decision-making in health care reform by supporting pilot and evaluation projects which test innovative approaches to health care delivery. The views expressed herein do no necessarily represent the official policy of federal, provincial, or territorial governments.


Last Modified: 2005-08-29