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Advancing Primary Health Care in Alberta (AB301)

Recipient: Alberta Health and Wellness

Contribution: $11,112,759.00

This report is a meta-analysis of the 27 Alberta evaluation and demonstration programs. The projects addressed primary health care through six key strategies: rural/remote access, illness prevention and health promotion through community development, early intervention and education, system restructuring, integrated service delivery, quality improvement, and community health centre models. Findings from these projects contribute, in various degrees, to an understanding of the six national dimensions of primary health care. Some projects found that existing methods of payment to physicians discourage them from participating in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary activity. Many projects exemplified successful integrated service delivery and resulted in improved continuity of care. Others revealed a need for greater information sharing among providers, clients, public agencies, and administrators. Yet others emphasized the importance and benefit of early intervention and public awareness strategies. Rural projects demonstrated successful alternative strategies for advancing primary health care such as telehealth, “settlement nurses,” remote health teams, and immunization schedule monitoring. All projects completed individual reports and are accompanied by fact sheets and summaries.

Fact Sheet

This project was supported by the Health Transition Fund, which was created in 1997 to provide support for evidence-based decision-making in health care reform by supporting pilot and evaluation projects which test innovative approaches to health care delivery. The views expressed herein do no necessarily represent the official policy of federal, provincial, or territorial governments.


Last Modified: 2005-08-29